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The current term ends December 17, 2020. Kindly reach out for further information
For more information on the ongoing 2020/2021 enrollment kindly send an email to admissions@vinecrestcollege.net


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Content Writer: Sarah Udoh PERFECTION: THE ENEMY OF PROGRESS There was a boy who had learning difficulties and had to struggle academically and mentally through 
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Content Writer: Sarah Udoh, Vine Crest College TEACHING CHILDREN THE ACT OF GRATITUDE Have you ever helped someone in need and in return the person 
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Grit Content Writer: Emmanuel Ojie, Vine Crest College Have you ever tried to solve a complex puzzle? It requires grit to keep trying until you 
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A throwback to the second edition of our inter-house sports that took place last week. The students fueled the event with fun and excitement as 
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WHY DISCIPLINE IS ESSENTIAL FOR A CHILD’S SUCCESS Nurturing successful children isn’t a game of chance, we attribute it by inculcating positive habits in children 
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The best teachers The best teachers are the ones who encourage students to think and expand their horizon. We believe students should be allowed to 
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Discipline As human beings, our mind needs discipline to keep up with regular activities and habits. We can scale the rigour of life with discipline.It 
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Vine Crest college is a co-educational boarding school located in Iperu, Ogun State.We are an  institution where students are taught, inspired and nurtured to become 
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SCHOOL CALENDAR FOR SECOND TERM Second Term                                                     Sunday, 10th January – Wednesday, 31st March, 2021 (12 weeks) Resumption:                                                       Sunday, 10th January, 2021 Classes Commence:                                             
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We thank you for your support throughout year 2020. We hope that you have had a wonderful holiday season, and you are looking forward to 
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