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Beyond Academics

Beyond Academics

Beyond the basic curriculum subjects, VCC students take the following courses:

  • Leadership
  • Personal, Social and Civic Rights and Responsibility
  • Instruction in Virtues
  • Life Skills and Effective Communication
  • Personal Finance
  • Teaming and Collaboration
  • Overall School Culture.

Co-curricular activities

Music is given prominence and the school is highly committed to developing students’ musical talents.

Drama & Visual Arts

Students who have interest and ability have the opportunity to develop their talent in drama, guided by teachers and visiting professionals. Specially equipped rooms are provided for students (and teachers) to hone their talents and potential. Our pride is in exhibiting students’ works around the school, generally and during special school programs.

Debating & Public Speaking

Students learn to articulate their thoughts and arguments in public fora. This is an important course designed to develop the ability for students to communicate fluently and effectively; an essential skill of a leader.

Community Service

An important part of our vision is to imbue our students with the principle of service- to the school, the school’s host community and the less-privileged, through Community Action Programs. Through these activities, students learn to appreciate their immediate environment and consequently become:

  • Thankful for the privileges they enjoy
  • Compassionate  and helpful.
  • Desirous to make a difference to the lives of others and their community/society.
  • Charitable in giving of their time and material resources for the benefit of others.
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