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Pastoral Care in VCC is made effective through the House System.


The third Sunday of every month is visiting day and parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to spend the day with their children to learn about their well-being and progress. The House Staff are on ground and parents/guardians are expected to discuss the welfare of their child/ward with them. Feedback from the visiting day is helpful for improvement.

Visiting Hours: 12noon-5:00pm

If the third Sunday happens to fall a week after resumption or a week to the close of term, for the sake of convenience, Visiting Day will not be observed.


At VCC, we believe that parental involvement is crucial for academic success and want parents/guardians to be actively involved in their children’s/wards learning efforts.We therefore devote one day – “An Open Day” – once in a term where parents and guardians are invited to meet with the teachers to follow up on their child’s academic progress. It is always an interactive session between the teachers, parents and the students. Dates will be specified in the School Calendar and Newsletter. Please do not bring snacks or food on Open Day.


Parents/Guardians may be invited for special meetings with school officials to discuss major concerns about their child/ward. We will appreciate full cooperation with the school on such occasions.


The well-being of every member of VCC community is paramount. The catering staff, like other staff, are trained and experienced in providing food and refreshment for adolescents. We keep the kitchen and dining areas in the highest standards of hygiene at all times. The daily menu comprises a balanced diet. While all students and staff are usually served the same meals, our kitchen staff will accommodate students with allergies, medical issues, and other personal reasons as authorized by the school management.


The school clinic is manned by well-trained, experienced, and knowledgeable medical personnel. The nurse resides on VCC’s campus while a visiting doctor comes in at least once in a week. Serious cases will be referred to one of these hospitals all within twenty minutes drive to the school:
  • Otunba Tunwase National Paediatric Centre
  • Sagamu/Benin Expressway
  • Babcock University Teaching Hospital, Ilisan.
Parents/Guardians would be contacted when a child falls ill. Parents/Guardians should ensure they complete and submit the statutory Medical Form and inform the school of any other medical issues backed by a doctor’s report.


The school campus is well secured. Movement within the campus is monitored, and human and vehicular traffic in and out of the premises is regulated. Trained security staff and policemen man the gates and patrol the premises.


We recognize that no meaningful teaching or learning can occur in a chaotic environment. Accordingly, we set and maintain high behavioural standards in the hostels and the classroom. These standards are set out in the Students’ Code of Conduct, a copy of which will be given to each student on resumption. We make every effort to encourage, support, and recognize good behaviour. We expect our students to be orderly, cooperative, honest, considerate, and demonstrate good moral values. Students should be conscious of how their actions affect other people. We will use positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviour and attitude. However, there are sanctions for bad behaviour, especially if it persists after several warnings. The gravity of the sanctions will depend on seriousness of the offence. Major offences shall be referred to the Disciplinary Committee and where necessary, to the Principal.


A lively chaplaincy team will run a number of activities to help students develop their faith in Christ. Weekly Bible Study, Sunday Worship Service, Camp Retreats and Termly Inspirational talks are some of these activities.


While we are proud of the existing setting and campus, VCC Board is committed to a steady and phased development of the school campus.